My Life As A Pet Story Summary

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My Life as a pet story follows the daily life of Chop, a black and brown Rottweiler who has lived most of its live in a pet shop. Chop got to the pet shop one day after he was found on the streets of Brooklyn as a month old puppy who was transferred from NY 's pet shop subsidiary to the main story in LA, where he has lived since then, it 's been 2 months since Chop arrived to LA and in the pet shop he has made tons of friends, but of all his friends the one that stands above all is the shop keeper Miguel, Chop wishes to be adopted and go to a home were he can live everyday with his "homies".

A couple of weeks after Chop turned 3 months old this family came to the store and of all the pets they saw, they chose Chop, Chop was more than happy that this family had adopted him, when Chop got to their car, he felt a sensation he felt through his body a sensation he had never felt before. Finally when on the road Chop got to
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On a Tuesday Chop was playing in the backyard and found a frog and in a playful way Chop bit it. This lead to a trip to the vet. While in the reception Chop saw lots of pets who were there too waiting to get their opportunity with the doctor. When Chop 'sturned finally arrived he was scared about what he may see in the doctors office. When he entered the room, Chop saw nothing that he thought he was going to see, actually when he saw the doctor he felt comfortable. After the doctor was done examining Chop, he prescribed him some medicines and after that Chop was sent home. After Chop got home he sure felt better but he didn 't wanted to visit the vet that often, so Chop now knew that playing with frogs is something dangerous that requires him to go to the

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