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To be successful in today’s modern world. It is essential for one to identify his or her strengths & weakness including opportunities & threats that are presented by knowing these four aspects, its possible to use them for our advantage. If person knows his or her strength & opportunities they will know where to tread with confidence as well as security. However, if can know the weakness & threats of them, then its possible for them to focus on those areas to improve and overcome obstacles posed by threats in an individual’s life.

My personal strengths is my ability to be innovative & creative, with open mind. These 3 things enable me to be a efficient & effective in my every way of life. Being open to new ideas is very fantastic ways. Compared to those of my peers with others in my life. Being open minded is very good way the adapt & grasp things easily in less time. Adaption is
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My weaknesses are my over-commitment to my ways. I am open minded person, however when I follow or do something, I always believe to be best & gain momentum & at that time I unable to change my directions & become fixed to my goal. As over-commitment may not seem is always an obvious weakness. It can create many hindrances if a mistake is made because at that time its very difficult for me to change my goal or work in which I engaged. While some commitment is good, too which can be a problem. I believe I can improve upon this weakness by prioritizing my tasks. Weakness is something that I must deal in one way. If I can’t work to improve them, I can try to avoid them. I thing that it’s best to be aware of personal weaknesses. So that if I can face what’s the truth of what is not going to happen & what is possible. In this way we can easily avoid thoughts which are not real in one’s life & save time in the going

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