Personal Technology: The Importance Of Privacy In The Internet

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Since technology has developed faster and faster these years, there are lots of data transfer though Internet. Not only information that we need or news of the city, but also our personal data including our email address, phone number or even credit card number. For this generation, who grew up with social networking websites and apps, companies usually use customers ' personal data for advertising or analytics. Some of the teenagers are even willing to share all information about themselves. In view of this, cultural analysts have argued that privacy is less importance to them. To my opinion, this is true. In the past when internet is not so popular, people can only contact others through telephone. When they wanted to apply for something, they simply wrote a form and sent it to the company. Therefore, personal data was not got by others like hackers or data stealers easily. However, with technological development, teenagers in this generation love to use tools like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter for social networking. These tools usually require user to provide their personal data such as full name, birthday, email address and even family details for registration. If they want to use these tools, they must have to provide the details. Since then, personal information can be easily collected by others and the privacy of this generation seem to become less importance due to the generally use of personal data. First of all, information can be collected and shared, and the

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