Personal Testimony Of Faith: My Personal Testimony Of Faith

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Let Me Testify:

"WHAT A MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE"... This is my personal Testimony Of Faith "I am A Living Witness, of the Goodness of the Lord" As I sit here reminiscing of the trials that hindered me in the past. It 's such a joyous moment sharing my story and tell others of God 's Goodness and Mercy. I came across this quote that says it all "

"Only God can turn a Mess Into A Message"
"A Test Into A Testimony"
"A Trial Into A Triumph"
"A Victim Into Victory"

First of all, let 's start with the greatest gift God gives " A Child " and the unborn baby bonds with the mother. They have a sense of touch when the mother moves and react strongly by kicking, Also just to hear the babies heart beat is such an elated experience for any mother." Wow How Precious" Surprisingly ultrasounds show babies touching their buttocks, holding the umbilical cord. As for me, believe my babies heard me singing and got tired of listening. For those family and friends who know my personality, I have a great sense of humor.

Well, sadly after exiting my mother 's womb, no recollection of life changing moments with my biological parents. Surprisely. no baby picture of my first birthday and first steps or even a memorable video of clapping and playing games such as patty-cake and peekaboo, babbling my first words "Mama" and "Dada. As I matured and time lapsed, wondered what really happened in my life and the question came to mind is What justifies a mother or father not being there for their

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