Role Of Personality In Clinical Psychology

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PSY 207 Individual Assignment Introduction Personality, in the word itself, what I could see is the word personal. I would define personality as something very personal to oneself, as it determined what kind of person I will be. Personality is sometimes a term I used to rationalize my behaviour, and I believe most of us do. Whenever someone judged us from what we do, the statement “I am who I am, and this is my personality” is frequently being used by us human beings. However, personality is not something that can be understand so easily. There are plenty of personality theories that can help us to be clearer of who we are. In this assignment, I researched for three different theories to help me determine what kind of personality I have. Carl…show more content…
I need to be low sensation seeking while I was having a personal conversation with my client, as they would not love to experience intense and complex type of conversation. I believe that comfortable conversation and listening are more of what a client need. Nevertheless, when it comes to the assessment that I need my client overcome with, such as conditioning my client to overcome the phobia, I might need to have higher sensation seeking to let my client take the risk with me. As such, I think a lot of career need both type of sensation seeking, and clinical psychologist is definitely one of…show more content…
As such, his personal construct theory, stated that one’s personality included an organized system of construct, and it is an important system to determine personalities. Kelly also emphasize on predictability, which is also played an important role on anticipating what will happen in the future (Boeree, 2006). It determined how a person’s personality will be towards that event, and if the event is not expected, the personalities that will be shown by the person will be very different (Boeree). Besides, Kelly also discovered the Role Construct Repertory test, which explained that there will be similar personalities in two close friends or families of an individual, and the third person has the exactly opposite personalities (Allen). As such, one might consider his or her parents as intelligent, and one of his or her best friend as not intelligent

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