Kyasia Case Study

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1. Discuss and describe two (2) elements that you think the personal trainer executed well during their 1:1 session. Be sure to give examples and indicate the time on the video that the events occurred. The elements that I thought Kyasia executed very well were having a clear plan, and instructing and showing how to use machinery properly. All throughout her session she was very calm and communicated clearly. She demonstrated having a clear plan from :08 – :40. During that time she gave a clear layout of the plan for the day like the warmup, the quickness drills, the resistance training, and then the cool down. Letting the client know the plan is important to help inform and maybe calm the client. She was clear in showing how to properly work machinery in minute…show more content…
My only feedback would maybe allow for break sessions for the client. It was very fast, and I felt like the client was tired so my constructive feedback would be to add more breaks or communication time to give the client some rest or for them to drink water. Also for the video assignments sake, maybe just to speak a bit louder. 4. Describe how the personal trainer motivated the client? What did the personal trainer do or say to help keep the client motivated and engaged? Be sure to share specific examples and direct quotes to help answer this question. Indicate the time on the video when these events occurred. The personal trainer motivated the client in that she encouraged her and had positive feedback to give her like “good” which occurred at 2:42 and 4:22 when she said “good job keeping your balance”. Also at minute 6:13 she said“nice work, nice work”. Also at 15:02 Kyasia did the wall sits with her client to motivate and encourage her because she knew that her client was probably very tired. She also had a conversation with her which made the atmosphere
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