Princess Bride Reflection

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I have read many books in the last 18 years of my life, but as I looked at the prompts I had the opportunity to pick from only one book popped into my mind the write about. The Princess Bride. This book inspired an amazing movie that I grew up on my entire life and that I have quoted many times, but when I finally read the book my junior year, I loved it even more. I realized that even how great the movie was, it did not reach the level of the book. Ever since I read The Princess Bride book, I realized how much it has played a big role in my life. It has helped my love of reading grow. It helped me see a different writing style that authors could use in their writings. Which has helped me a little to explore different styles of writing for my personal uses. All these reasons have made me decide that I would memorize and protect The Princess Bride from the censors. This book is different, it entertains, and even though it is a fiction book it relates to reality.…show more content…
In these last six years, I have never read a book quite like The Princess Bride. It is very different than other books. When I first started reading The Princess Bride, my dad said to me, “It’s really amazing that William Goldman wrote that he was abridging a book that someone else wrote, but was actually writing it and made up a fake author, S. Morgenstern, and said that he actually wrote The Princess Bride. It’s brilliant!” (). It is brilliant how Goldman wrote the book. It helped me realize that books didn’t have to be written in a certain way. They can be written in any way an author wants them to be
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