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The most important instrument of counselling therapy is the counsellors themselves. The therapy sessions need a person-to-person connection between therapists and the clients and therapists have used their professions to help the clients to find goals and work with themselves to deal with real-life problems. Therefore, the personality, awareness on personal value are essential to the process of therapy. On the 17 March, my classmates and I joined a soci-game that organised for Form 3 college students. It demonstrated real-life situations, like fighting for public examinations, further study and job-seeking that helped to enhance their self-understanding and have a try on career exploration. Throughout this experiential learning, I have discovered…show more content…
When the entertainment section that I assigned to was in a lack of resources like snacks and card games, my partner and I thought about introducing new elements to the gameplay as to replace the entertainment sections. Finally, we edited the gameplay like using fake banknotes to tempt students to break the laws. My partner, I and other volunteers were portrayed as police to arrest the students who picked up the banknotes. In this section, we might have demonstrated the ability of creativity and look into things with different variations, which might be important to be an effective counsellor. As being a good counsellor, developing our counselling style is essential. It is suggested that adopting wide variations in counselling style would be more suitable to clients. Since clients maybe come from diverse cultural background and having different value, attitude and problems that theories might not applicable to clients. Therefore, uniqueness and using different approach would have to be adopted when designing therapy to different clients. In this sense, being creative and selecting varied materials or elements flexibly would be essential to be a good

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