Pros And Cons Of Residential Housing

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Residential Community Essay In a Residential community, you will be living entirely with other DIS students from American universities. This means that you will inevitably be exposed to different ways of communication, personal values and traditions, which may force you out of your comfort zone. What do you imagine the pros and cons of the Residential Community housing option might be? Most of the Residential Community rooms require that you live with between 1-3 other students. Please describe yourself as a roommate and what you will be able to contribute to that relationship with fellow students. What are 5 creative adjectives that you would use to describe yourself as a person? Having experienced both residential dormitory housing…show more content…
Living with other American college students will permit me to learn first hand about the pros and cons of other American institutions of higher learning, which will help me select a graduate school for my MBA. The second Pro is being able to share the expericence of exploring Copenhagen and many other European countries with my DIS classmates, roommates and hallmates. This will help create lifelong connections. I appreciate the current comradeship I experience with my two college roommates and I 'm looking forward to expanding my social network. Perhaps the biggest Con of living in a DIS residential community, will be missing out on the opportunity to develop personal attachments with Danish students who can best teach me about Danish customs and culture. Another possible Con, which exists with any roommate situation, would be having a disrespectful roommate. Not everyone shares my respect for personal and living space. My roommates would describe me as considerate. For example, being quiet when my roommate is sleeping, keeping my belongings in my space, and keeping the room neat. I like to say, “I’m neat but not a clean freak.” I can 't wait to share the DIS Copenhagen study abroad program with my
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