Personal Values And Ethics

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VALUES are attitudes and beliefs about things we think are important in life.
ETHICS are the rules of personal behavior accepted by society.
Life is full of little choices. There is an old saying: “What is popular is not always right; what is right is not always popular.” We don’t always make the right choices or do the right thing. Mistakes are a normal part of living and to be expected. All people make mistakes; it’s part of living. When we make a mistake, we gain more self-awareness and, hopefully, learn a life’s lesson. It’s true! We can learn by our mistakes. What is more important, we can avoid some mistakes if we take the time to identify our personal values and ethics.
They are not impressive words to be believed of casually, or worse, not thought of at all! Family time, money, reputation, faith, education, well-being, public service, independence, honesty are all values. There are other values, dependent on the individual. If becoming well-known is not vital to one then the fame is not a personal value and also the values vary with the person. We don’t always approve with others about the status, or value, of some things in life. Family life is extremely important to some people; there are others who would rather be on their own and allow for very little family time. Ethics are also known as a “code of conduct.” Our personal values contribute to the strength of our ethics with positive behaviors and positive attitudes.

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