Personal Reflection Of My Personal Value System

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My personal value system concerning human beings is based upon the inherent dignity and worth of all people who are members of my society. I will respect people’s dignity and worth by employing integrity on a daily basis. I also believe in being honest with all of my relationships because honesty is the backbone of any relationship. Therefore, when I begin a relationship with anyone, it should begin with a solid foundation. I feel like everyone has more good than bad morals in them so because of this anyone can change their bad behavior. In addition to aiding someone’s character change, I like to integrate religion to assist their transformation and give them hope, love, unity, and tranquility within themselves. I also value that everyone should be treated fairly and with respect no matter their race. Therefore, I like to give underrepresented communities a voice and make them feel equally. My personal value system derives from the influence of my family members who taught me the honorable way to treat all human beings. Which is to show respect and value for them as fellow human beings. For example, my family members taught me to respectful towards my elders by saying yes ma’am and no sir when appropriate. Another example was when adults were talking, I was to listen and not interrupt them because this was viewed as disrespectful behavior. I always made sure to show them respect and never talk back especially in any disrespectful way. I have used and believed in these values as I formed many relationships within my family members, co-workers, and peers. For instance, on my job if I were having a…show more content…
I want to help everyone feel like they have a voice and improve their lifestyle for the better. So as a social worker, I would like to treat every individual with respect and guide them by giving them tools to
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