Reflective Essay: The Most Important Values In Life

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Values are what distinguish and make special one person from another one. When someone tries to find and define their personal values, they discover what is really important to them. Each person has different values that were developed and are constantly improving throughout their lives. There are people who act with different values in some occasions and there are others who are able to follow their values in every situation they face.
Throughout my life, I have learned that values are what makes every person who they really are. Also, every single person should respect everyone else values. In my case, my values always remain the same no matter the place or the situation. That is something my family taught me while I was growing up. Over
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One of these values is loyalty. I am the kind of person that you can rely on anytime and will never fail you because I believe that loyalty is a key value in this society where I consider difficult to find a royal person. I think that loyalty is a very significant value in life and it is necessary to keep it in mind in every situation we go through. Another important value in my life is honesty. Being honest is not simply telling the truths that people want to hear, but saying things as they are. Sometimes people believe that you are being mean to them just because you are telling a truth they do not want to hear. I think that the truth should always be ahead of everything, even when it hurts. My third and favorite value is love. Personally, I believe that love can against everything. Love is one of those values that I always have in mind and I try to apply it to everything I do. It can also be represented as human kindness, affection, and compassion. I think that when things are done with love, they go well. The fourth and I believe the most vital value is gratitude. Gratitude is not just praying every day; it is being happy with what life has already given you. Each day is a new opportunity to appreciate everything you have done
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