Personal Values In Nursing

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Assignment 3
Complete a 1500 - 2000 WORD essay outlining your personal values and how these values help you to function in your role as a nurse. List the values that you believe are most important to the profession of nursing and state how these values assist nurses in giving ethical care to their patients.
Marking Details:
1. Identify personal values (choose four from the list below). (2 marks)
2. State how these values were formed, how they influence your character, and how you came to embrace these values. (2 marks)
3. State how these values help you function in your role as a LPN. (4 marks)
4. According to the SALPN Code of Ethics, what values are most important to Licensed Practical Nurses and why? (4 marks)
5. Discuss how these values
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Values, although tend to be stable, they can be changed or can be developed because values have cognitive, affective and behavioural components (Baillie & Black, 2015). Potter and Perry (2014) added that values influence behaviour basing on a conviction that a certain action is right depending on the given circumstances. Culture, society and personality were identified by Rokeach (1973, as cited in Baillie & Black, 2015) as key precedent of human values. Furthermore, as a person becomes more aware of and reflective about him/herself, he/she can consider to change his/her value set and will also result in modifying his/her attitudes and behaviour. By understanding one’s own personal values, he or she will become sensitive to the values of others. Values are important in nursing and health care as they strengthen all aspects of professional practice, including decision-making (Baillie & Black, 2015). The key factors influencing values in nursing include professional education, training and…show more content…
The third value could also come from kindness which is being considerate and concerned to others. As a child, I haven’t played much outdoors with other children, so my friends were our dogs. I think I developed my kindness because of our pets. I pitty them because they sleep outside the doors, on the concrete, and thought they’d get cold and bitten by mosquitos. Whenever they’re ill, I would stay with them and care for them like babies. I would cry and feel bad about losing them. I brought that attitude with me when I started going to school. During our breaktime, I saw one of my classmates not having any snack so then shared mine. Whenever I see homeless people on the streets, I’d always give them my coins instead of buying something for myself. I took up Nursing because my mother told me to. I really disliked the course but when I started doing my hospital duties, I have seen people suffering. I would always put myself in their shoes and imagine what they’re going through. I was scared to deal with them but I told myself that I’ve got to do something for them in my own ways, so then I would always gave a hundred percent of my ability to take care for them. When I got trained as a licensed nurse, my fellow nurses gave me an award as one of the best nurse trainees. I was very dedicated to my patients and never left them even during breaktimes. I was not aware of my co-workers assessing me
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