Unit 4 Personal Development Analysis

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Unit 4 Personal Development Josette Mc Elhinney I.D. No. 10038122 Unit 4 Personal Development.2 1.1 I work in nursing home. My personal values are ambition, commitment, family orientated, hardworking, loyal, self-reliant, accepting. I am against same sex marriage, and abortion. My belief is to treat everyone equally, with respect and dignity. I remember that every person is unique and different. Showing positive regard to everybody. I am Christian brought up in the Catholic faith, but in my work, there people of different faiths like Hindu, Muslim, Jehovah, Anglican. Mrs X one of the residents on my ward is Muslim. I attend to her every day. She prays four times a day, covering her face during the day with a hijab. When I finish giving…show more content…
To eat independently, and do things for themselves. I work in partnership with other professionals like general practitioner, social workers, physio, occupational therapist. My interest is to do my best for my clients and staff, help them to improve their lives. Team work is very important where I work. My priority is to ensure safety of staff and clients. All the work is done safely. Some residents when admitted to the home are poorly, the care they receive helps them get better. Sometimes when admitted they can’t mobilise at all, we refer them to physio to help with mobility, and they learn to walk with a Zimmer frame. All information and data are kept safe and confidential, and can only be disclosed if the client gives us permission to do so. For example, talking to their relatives, if they are going for appointment outside the home. If a client becomes suicidal, a doctor must be…show more content…
When I am working, I ignore my own values and culture. I account for the culture of the client I am looking after. I have grown up in a society where everybody is treated equally without exception. So, it is easy for me to work in multi-cultural society with different people. I focus first on my client’s individual identity. I try to treat all clients individually. The rights of the client are always respected. Mr B is a client in my workplace. He is gay, sometimes he prefers to, wear woman’s clothes and make-up. He lets his hair grow long and visits the hairdresser weekly on the ward. I make sure a carer takes him to the hair dresser on time. Privacy and dignity is maintained all the times. I always, encourage him to put on his clothes himself, if he can’t I help him. He sometimes asks me for feedback about his appearance and clothes I always give him good feedback to make him feel better for his self-esteem. Whenever he is in his room with his gay partner I always knock on the door to ask permission to enter. His family visit daily. I always make them feel welcome and comfortable. His social worker visits whenever necessary or yearly. His general practitioner visits once a week. His brother has behaviour from his own culture that if he asks you to do something for his brother and you don’t do it straight away, he gets angry and
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