Personal Values: The Aspects Of Personal Code Of Ethics

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Personal Code of Ethics What are ethics? Ethics are moral values of action. Moral values play a big role with ethics, personally I believe that everyone needs moral values. Some moral values are just common sense because values are important personal standards that are valuable. Having morals are the freewill of having the choice to do the right or wrong actions. Ethics, values and morals come with principals. My principals that I live by and I feel will help me succeed in life are positivity, preparation, determination, faith and the focus on growth. Being a positive person and doing positive things will tell a lot about what kind of person you are. Surrounding yourself with positive energy as well, such as the people you associate yourself with and their intentions for themselves. If I wake up one morning and tell myself “Todays going to be a great day” nobody but myself can change that. If you keep a positive mind and good intentions you 'll find yourself surrounded with people just like you. Positivity will get you further in life than being negativity. Preparation is a key, you shouldn’t have to hesitate to be ready that should just be something you know you have to do. If you stay prepared with no matter what you 'll be prepared for anything that comes your way. You can be prepared in two different ways, well personally I feel the need to be ready in two ways, mentally and physically to feel that I 'm set. Being ready tells you that you 're on top of things, you 're
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