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World view has a hint of irony in it in the fact that it’s defined as the overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world. However, worldview to most people seems like a general, shared idea. The fact that world view can change from one person to another even though they are both viewing the same world is where the irony stems from. My personal worldview can’t just be simply defined. My world view needs to be broken down and looked at from the very beginning to understand how and why I view certain aspects of the world differently.
In order to begin to understand my personal culture identity we must first go back in time. Without this understanding of who I am how can anyone begin to understand me. I am a seventeen year old
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Why are you here, who are you, and where do you come from are simple yet difficult questions. Personally, I am still defining to this very day who I am and who I want to be but I am the way I am today because of my family. Now I know family is important but to me they are my seeing eye, my star in a cloudy night, they are the reason I am who I am. My family has always taught me to accept others but to do that you must first accept yourself. Trust me it’s easier said than done. Throughout my childhood I had a constant conflict inside of me. I wanted to be “popular” and just like everyone else but I never accepted me for me. Once my family broke through to me I was able to realize everyone is different and that’s ok because that’s what makes the world interesting. I learned difference is not just ok but vital to life. If everyone was the same no new medicines would be created, buildings would be non-existent, and new species would never be discovered. My personal cultural identity stems from this early realization of difference and the fact it is more helpful than harmful. When it comes to others worldviews I don’t shun them just because they are different than mine but I embrace them. I make sure that they feel not just accepted but understood. It’s one thing to accept someone and an entirely different thing to understand them. Anyone can accept someone for who…show more content…
The way I view the world is hard to explain, simply because it constantly changes. Everyday is different whether you believe it or not, each day holds something new and exciting. Therefore I believe I can’t live with one set worldview because that will hold me back from so much more. My family has taught me that views can change but the person shouldn’t. Meaning simply that just because of an event, good or bad, in your life occurs you can’t just change who you are. Sure you can try I did, but my worldview kept bringing me back. You can try to change who you are but you can't change your past experiences and emotions. So therefore my worldview changes and I rightfully think it should. My worldview is based off of strong morals and beliefs, but also an understanding of difference. I believe that you should stand up for yourself and protect your way of life but at the same time realize that difference is what makes the world spin. I couldn’t have asked for a better family than the one I have today. Sure they are hard on me, sure they may yell or get mad, but in the end they can see the future better than I can. Although, being able see the literal future would be pretty cool it’s not what I mean here. I mean future as in the standards and viewpoints I will grow into. Ever since I was little my parents made sure that when the future came that I would
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