Personal Narrative: My Personal Worldview

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We all come from different back grounds and walks of life. Each one of us has our own personal view of the world and how we view it from our own lens. With each one of our experiences, good or bad, it helps shapes what we call our worldview. The worldview of each person varies; and none will ever be the same because we each live different lives and yes, maybe influenced a lot by our religion but, we see things differently and handle situations uniquely because we are our own individuals. There are seven questions I asked myself since we got assigned this paper and I’m comfortable with the answers I’ve come up with and my worldview I’ve grown to acquire with my experiences, traditions, and religions.
The first question I asked myself is, “What
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As a child I was raised in a strict household always having to maintain straight A’s and couldn’t go play outside until all my homework was done. My parents are not the best in the world, but they taught me a lot of valuable lessons not just about how to live but how to treat others. Treating others well is a big part in many Native communities. We are all taught at an early age to be nice towards one another and always help to those in need, not out of virtuous deeds, but out of respect and care towards all walks of life. I was taught by my parents, grandparents, friends and other community members. Right and wrong for me come from being taught by those older than me to be respectful, have integrity, be responsible, stay committed and be a leader. I think the meaning of human history is that we are destined to go somewhere physically and spiritually. Our journey does not end at death, nor does it begin at birth. I believe there is much more we have yet to learn about our past and our future.
This is my worldview of how I see and interpret the world. It may not be the same in a couple years, but I shall continue to learn and be aware that everyone is unique and have different perspectives on the world around us. I am a learner and a puzzle of the big picture around
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