Personal Writing: A Reflection Of Professional Writing

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With the fall semester quickly coming to a close, I have been reflecting about my writing intensiveEnglish class. This semester I have accomplished a variety of projects and assignments and have learneda lot about professional writing. I learned how to write a great resume and how to use its differentformats. I have practiced writing many emails, business letters, transmittal letters, and cover letters.My three largest projects that I completed were a job recommendation report, instructions on how tomake pumpkin cheesecake, and a brochure for my future cupcake business. All these projects havehelped me to master my communication skills which I will further reflect upon below. I have created aportfolio in a blog format to post this reflection…show more content…
For this assignment, I worked in a group and togetherwrote a set of instructions on how to make pumpkin cheesecake. We also tested our instructionsusability and followed up with our conclusions in a memo. Next is my personal project, I was assigned topick something of interest and propose a project that would take considerable planning. First I wrote aproposal for my idea which included my idea, learning objectives, schedule, and rubric. In the end, Idecided to create a cupcake brochure for my potential business. Lastly, we had to write arecommendation report to a client for potential career.I think my personal project was my best work because I was able to be more creative and do somethingthat interested me. But I feel like every project could use a few revisions. On my cupcake brochure Iwould like to edit some of the colors I used on the inside to match the tone on the outside. I would alsolike to add more information about the company. For the recommendation report, I wish I had moreinformation. I did not enjoy working with the jobs my client chose and I feel like I could have done abetter job if there was more information…show more content…
Overall most of the revisions Id want to make would be in the information I am try toconvey.In the syllabus, there is a list of outcomes that the class is intended to produce. I believe this class hassucceeded in helping me reach these goals. When writing my resume and cover letter, I completedoutcome #1 by communicating effectively my skills, personal qualities, objectives, goals, and convincethe reader to pick me. I also demonstrated this outcome with my instructions project, I was able toclearly explain how to make pumpkin cheesecake and examine its usability. I addressed outcome #6 inall my projects which states integrate knowledge and ideas in a coherent and meaningful manner. Ibecame knowledgeable about three different jobs and I was able to write in a coherent and organizedmanner what I learned. I was able to communicate this information to my client by listening to theirneeds and desires for a job and then meshing the sources together to complete a final recommendation.The next outcome was to manage sophisticated writing and research projects, planning, documenting,completing, and assessing work on time and within the constraints of the project. I completed thisobjective with all my projects, but most specifically my personal project. I had to specifically plan out aschedule of what I would do each week in order to complete my project by its due date. I also had toshow my ability of professionalism which includes skills like reliability and

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