Quasimodo Character Analysis

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Although Quasimodo is a character that embodies integrity and kindness, the Disney movie portrays an extreme contrast between his personality and appearance. Disney created his entire character around the idea of disfigurement. According to “insert reference here” the name Quasimodo means “half formed”, not only is his deformities known physically, his name gives a social aspect whereby he is known as “half formed”. Quasimodo’s disability is known as ‘kyphosis’, this is a state where the upper back has severe curvature. Quasimodo however would specifically suffer from congenital kyphosis as his spine would of malformed while he was still in the womb of his mother. According to research provided by ‘Health Unlocked’ it is suggested that kyphosis does have psychological impact. Kyphosis is a physical deformity, this can cause the individual to feel…show more content…
He rescued Esmeralda and terminated the villain, Claude Frollo. Therefore the type of hero that Quasimodo represents is termed as ‘Hero struggles’. This is when a person with a disability takes on hero-like qualities. Disney strongly contrasted the beginning of the film to the end as in the beginning Quasimodo was tied up in the ‘Festival of Fools’ and tomatoes were thrown at him by the crowd as they taunted him for being crowned king of the ugliest face. This can be compared to the ending of the film where Disney rectified him. Disney shows that the town has now accepted him, as they cheered for him because he saved the town from the horrid Frollo. However for both films, “The Hunchback of Notre dame” and “Dumbo”, Disney wanted to portray their deformities/ disabilities as different in a positive light. Using “Dumbo” as an example as Disney describes Dumbo in the end as a ‘supercrip’ (“ 'Supercrip ' is a proper word used by people studying disabled narratives to describe someone who is disabled but has some sort of genius or other
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