Personality And Religion: The Relationship Between Religion And Morality

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Sudakhya (434), First year, Philosophy Hons
Miranda House
"Does God love goodness because it is good, or is it good because God loves it?" PARAPHRASE OF SOCRATES’ QUESTION IN PLATO’S EUTHYPHRO
This paper will discuss the relationship between religion and morals. Specifically, this paper will explore if morality depends on religion and whether one needs to be religious to be moral.
Ever since the earlier times when human beings started documenting historical events it has been noticed that morality has persistently been linked with religion. Morality has been identified with adherence to godliness and divine, immorality with sin, and the moral law with the command of God so that the moral life is seen as a direct and personal relationship with the ultimate one. It is taught that to act immorally is to disobey God. Whether it is a Shiite Muslim fighting a holy war in the name of Allah, a Hindu killing an innocent animal as a sacrifice to bring rain, or the Christian giving to charity in the name of Christ, religion has changed the idea of morality as indiscriminate from religion.
There have been exceptions: Confucianism in China is essentially a secular system, there are nontheist versions of Buddhism, and the philosophers of Greece contemplated morality independent of religion. But throughout most of our history, most people have identified morality with religion, with the commands of God. The question remains whether the equation is a
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