Type B Personality Analysis

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Ironically it is shocking to know that personality and stress goes hand in hand. The Personality characteristics that make up both type A and type B Personalities are described as two contrasting personality types. Type A personalities are individuals that are aggressive, controlling, very competitive and are preoccupied with status, they are workaholics, hostile, and has no patience. Type B personalities are relaxed, not as emotional, and have mild attitudes. According to (Manning et. al, 2011), “type A and type B behaviors are determined largely by culture”. However, I can honestly relate, it is funny how our personality affects everything around our lives.
Manning, G., Curtis, K., McMillen, S., & Attenweiler, B. (2011). Stress living & working in a changing world. Nashville, TN: Savant Learning System, Inc.
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Now, I am the sweetest person you will ever want to meet, but finding out that I have a type A personality was not surprising, to say the least. No one knows you better than you. The one thing about me and anger is that I tend to let things get to me and my behavior when I am mad and it has me out of control. I become a little hostile and I feel that in a sense I am my own worst enemy. I never realized how much stress I was under until I became a lead in the loan operations department at
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