Personality Assessment: MBTI, MMPI-R

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In this report, assessee took three personality tests which are MBTI, MMPI, and Neo PI-R. Those personality test can help assessment understand their personality type by doing multiple choice. From the answer of the multiple choice, he can know the personality type of the assessment by using the description of the personality test result, so that he can make improvement or better representation.

MBTI-Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The MBTI assessment was developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Cook Briggs, who spent years observing people. They created the assessment based on the personality type theory proposed by psychologist Carl
Jung. Their goal was to help people understand how natural, healthy differences in
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Those entering the work world use it to choose careers likely to match their interests and strengths; those seeking a change use it to target new career directions.

Educators and students use it to make learning more interesting and compatible with individual learning and teaching styles.

People in relationships of all kinds use it to better understand one another, improve communication,and reduce conflict, resulting in more positive and productive interactions.

Isabel Briggs Myers created descriptions of the 16 personality types, including the description presented for you in this report. Your type description will help you see your type’s distinctive characteristics and how your type differs from others. The insights gained will help you better understand and appreciate the basic differences between people and more successfully manage the impact of those differences.

16 Personality Type of MBTI

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More focusing on physical reality. Compare to illustrating step or procedure, they are more likely to see how people use or do thing, and learn best by the imitation.

Feeling(F) means, ISFJs like to have a harmonic environment. As the reason, they try their best to build and maintain the stability of relationship of others. Moreover, they are more likely to choose and conclude by their own interest and social value. After collecting ideas from others, ISFJs can make better decision or choose the best option by considering different kinds of the situation.

Judging(J) type , ISFJ prefer routine, schedule, and systematic procedure. They like planning and prepare in order to have a better performance or result because it is in their schedule. When their life is managed, they feel more comfortable because they to control their life as possible as they can.

Overall, assessee like to stay or work alone or with a few close friends. He is good at analysis data and information with systematic way because he used to imitate thing by practical method.
He works hard because he trust experience first. ISFJ likes to have a stable and harmonic relationship with others. As the reason, the assessee try his best to honest and nice to

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