Personality Differences In The Workplace

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In every workplace, we deal with different types of personality. We learn how to manage personality differences and make our own self stand out. But it takes a lot of patience, compromises, and love to attain this in a place with people who came from different walks of life. It is understandable and unavoidable that there are cultural and personality differences.This page describes the true nature of workplaces where we need to deal with different personalities and cultural behaviors. Culture shock take place and we seems to find difficult people to work with. Whatever differences we have there is always a link, a tie or chain that connects each and everyone. We only need the right piece for certain puzzle. Did you ever counted how many hours in a day or in a week you spend at home and in your office or at work?working with different personality working with different personality For a typical 8-hours, 5 days a week job, we spend a minimum of 40 hours a week, which is almost a quarter of a week. The rest if we take consideration of the standard routine we follow everyday are, traveling time, shopping, sleeping time, cooking and others. So basically the time we spend with our family at home is almost the same or lesser than the time we spend at work. working with different personality At work we deal with different people from different walks of life. While at home we can say it is our comfort zone, we literally know so far each others

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