Personality In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, there are many diverse characters. Every single character portrays a different aspect of the human nature. The naïve, the protector, the calm, the manipulative, the rage filled, the shunned, and the hopeful. Each character is dynamic in their own way. This is a small glimpse into what traits Steinbeck thinks the human race has, embodied into each of his characters’ personalities. To begin with, Steinbeck has created two very different main characters. Lennie is a large, hulking man with unnatural strength. Despite his appearance, Lennie has the mind of a child. This immature mind causes trouble for both main characters. George on the other hand is a short, quick –witted man who has…show more content…
Crooks, the stable buck is the only black worker on the ranch. The contrast of skin color causes all other characters in the novel to look down on Crooks. “You know what I can do to you if you open your trap?”(pg. 80). Crooks is threatened for no reason other than the fact he’s black. Standing up for himself, getting a well-paying job, and not getting harassed are all things Crooks can never have because of his skin color. Another character Steinbeck has created is Candy. Candy is a disabled elderly man working as a swamper on the ranch. The only reason Candy still has a job on the ranch is due to the fact he lost his hand at the ranch. “I lost my hand right here on this ranch. That’s why they give me a job swampin’.”(pg. 59). Being disabled leaves Candy not able to do much work, causing him to slowly give up hope on ever getting away from the ranch. Then, George and Lennie show up and tell Candy all about their plan to go own land. This seemingly out of reach idea gives Candy hope to continue working, this time towards a goal. “S’pose I went in with you guys. Tha’s three hundred an’ fifty bucks I’d put in. I ain’t much good, but I could cook and tend to the chickens and hoe the garden some.”(pg. 59). Already excited about the concept of having their own land, Candy comes up with various jobs he’d be willing to do if allowed to go with George and Lennie. In the end,
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