Personality In King Lear

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In his book entitled This Great Stage: Image and Stricture in King Lear, Robert Heilman describes King Lear, a play written by William Shakespeare, as “a play about the ways of looking at and assessing the world of human experience… we see, ultimately, the shrewd, sharp-thinking, worldly people (Goneril, Regan, Edmund) balanced against a set of apparently helpless incompetents (Edgar, the Fool, Lear)” (Heilman 28). King Lear is a tragedy, which entails nothing going right for the play’s characters. One of the antagonists in the story that contributed to the tragic plot of the story is Edmund. This paper will focus on Edmund’s character, his decisions throughout the play, and his relationships with the other characters. To know more about his character, Edmund is the illegitimate son of of Gloucester. He has a brother named Edgar, who is the natural son and the heir of Gloucester’s lands. Edmund is also one of the characters in the play who only cares about his own well-being. Throughout the whole play, he manipulates people in a clever way, playing both sides, in order to achieve his goal of being the heir of Gloucester. He states that “The younger rises when the old doth fall” (3.4.25). Edmund’s character showed how his greed, disguised as loyal service, can lead to the manipulation, betrayal and demise of the characters around him. In the beginning of the play, Edmund delivers a soliloquy about the injustice of how he is treated as a bastard son. This can be seen in the

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