Personality In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Juliet, A Younger Lord Capulet?
Does a parent's personality affect their child's personality? Some children act exactly like their parents while some act completely differently. In Shakespeare’s most well-known play Romeo and Juliet, Juliet makes many confusing choices during the duration of the play. In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is influenced by Lord Capulet which plays a dramatic role in the play
Juliet and Lord Capulet both have very explosive personalities when it comes to love and marriage. When Juliet first sees Romeo, she is immediately in love with him and thinks about marrying him. Juliet abruptly speaks ”Go ask his name. If he be married, My grave is like to be my wedding bed.”(1.5.132-133). This shows that Juliet is very desperate towards her feelings for Romeo, and him not loving her is not worth living. Lord Capulet
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When Juliet and Romeo are talking in the balcony scene, Juliet brings up the subject very early in their relationship. Juliet whispers, “If that thy love be honorable / Thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow..” (2.2.144). This shows how much Juliet loves Romeo, even though they only just met. Because of her dramatic personality, this whole story gets set into place. Lord Capulet is also a very dramatic person. When Juliet apologizes about how she angry she got over the announcement of her marriage to Paris, Lord Capulet is so happy that he moves the wedding to a day earlier, which so happens to be the next day. The claim he makes makes everybody panicked and rushed. Just because Juliet apologizes, he thinks it's appropriate to make people strained and rushed.
Juliet shares many traits similar to Lord Capulet during the duration of the play. Juliet makes many interesting choices that some might say were influenced by her father's personality. Most people in today's time act like their parents once in awhile. Maybe Lord Capulet is the real reason this play is a
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