Personality In Society: The Importance Of Morality

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Have you ever wondered why is morality is a crucial element that we as a human being must have within ourselves? Ever since young, we are cultivated with morality and our parents have taught us to be a moral mankind, that we must always do the good things and do not do the bad things. When I was as a kid, I always perceived others as a moral person like I am regardless of their races, age, gender etc. However, as I grow and mature, I realise my perception towards others is not objective anymore, most of the people surrounding me I know is actually not what they are supposed to be as how I think of them. Since then, I start to bear in mind that do not judge a book by its cover. We will more likely to know the person’s personalities and characters after a period of time of communicating and knowing each other. So, what is morality? Morality is defined as a system of behaviour relevant to what we think about our actions and thoughts is right and wrong and, what is good and bad about our being who we are. Morality is generally some behaviour standards which are accepted by society at a point in time. As an individual, morality is perceived as a set of personal standards that reflects one person’s personalities and characters. It is also a degree of the person’s fitting to the commonly accepted standards of behaviour held within a society at a certain point in time. In our society we live in today, morality has become a complex subject. Morality acts as a principle that
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