Personality In The Short Story Zebra By Chaim Potok

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In the short story “Zebra” by Chaim Potok, the main character, Adam Zebrin or Zebra, goes through a series of events and allows the reader to infer what Zebra’s personality is based on what others in the text say and think about him. Zebra loves to run, he would dash past the schoolyards and into his neighborhood. Zebra’s neighbors started to take notice of his passion in running and cheered him on while he ran full with joy. “ All the neighbors knew him and would wave and call out, “‘Go, Zebra!’” (pg. 48) Based on the actions of Zebra’s neighbors, Zebra’s characteristic can be assumed as athletic. With Zebra’s head arched up and the wind blowing against his face, Zebra always enjoyed the feeling. However, when a car hits Zebra, it changes
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