Personality Profile: Strengths And Influence In Leadership

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My personality profile falls under the ENTP, which is sometime referred to as "the debater" (16 Personalities, n.d.). This personality type provides for a firm foundation in leadership for a few reasons: I 'm analytical, I’m not effected tremendously if plans change, I am able to interface with individuals from different backgrounds and different cultures, and above all I try to visualize situations from other people’s point of view, in addition to, viewing the opposing viewpoints that may be important to discuss. In the workplace and in school, I strive to be liked more than feared, and usually become close on a personal level with anyone under my leadership. Because I am extroverted, I like to be the center of attention, so giving speeches and being a member of the team that individuals can come to with questions or for help gives me energy. I am constantly trying to come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things that are more efficient. When making decisions as a leader, I often make fair, but also un-researched decisions, based on my intuition if an answer is needed quickly. It 's my belief that simply being more aware of my strengths and weaknesses will make me a better leader. Furthermore, by taking the SCARF and NVC tools and making minor changes in the way I act and perform, there is no doubt I’ll be able to implement positive change. In looking at my weaknesses based on my personality profile, which include being fickle in my attainment of
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