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Understanding ourselves as well as our own personality is essential especially nowadays when huge numbers of people are unsatisfied with their jobs owing to the fact that they are not able to align work with their personal strengths and interests. By using Jung’s and Briggs Myers’theories of personality type along with Big Five Model which had been developed by psychologists over almost a century to create Personality Trait Test, these days people can identify and evaluate personalities to have a clearer view for future careers as well as personal lives. I have done this test too and its result helps me a lot to orient myself later.
First of all, according (A.Judge, 2010), The Big Five Personality Model are (1) Extraversion, (2) Agreeableness,
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For instance, employees are highly conscientiousness build up higher of job acquaintance since they can exert better levels of an attempt on their own jobs. As a result, the higher levels of job knowledge lead to the higher levels of job performance. To have a more specific and real look to figure out the way this test help us, take an example of myself, my first reason for finishing this Personality Trait Test is answering my teacher’s question whether we really understood ourselves. And the test’s result identified I’m INTP Type: Introvert, iNtuitive, Thinking and Perceiving. Linking this result to theory, according to The Big Five Personality Model theories, introverts and intuitives tend to be reserved, timid and quiet (A.Judge, 2010). Then this is true with me, unlike extraverts who tend be happier in their jobs and in their lives as a whole, I’m pensive, analytical folks. Maybe this is bad for my social skill, however, I can easily get rid of bad behaviors due to the fact that extraverts are more impulsive than introverts, they are more likely to be absent from work and engage in risky behavior such as unprotected sex, drinking,… More than that, by understanding my Extraversion dimension, I have more specific view to choose job which is suitable with Introverted person such as: research, development and analytical departments. The Personality Trait Test also recognized me as a Thinker as well as a Perceiver which mean that I prefer using my thinking to using my feeling and have preference of Perceiving over Judging. To clarify, having Thinking and Perceiving mean that’s extremly open person, associating with The Big Five Peronality Model theory, I’m creative, curious and artistically sensitive (A.Judge, 2010). Therefore, I’m

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