Personality Traits In Heywood Broun's The Fifty-First Dragon

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In Heywood Broun’s “The Fifty-First Dragon,” local coward Gawaine le Cœur-Hardy evolves to an influential knight through the use of an enchanted word. Sword in hand, he traverses the land cleaving heads off of numerous dragons. Although most can’t relate to Gawaine’s achievements, slaying dragons doesn’t make one invincible to personality faults. Throughout all of this, I could find three personality traits that I could relate to, in agreeable or disagreeable ways. Gawaine and I may share similar traits such as laziness and forgetfulness, however, we contrast greatly with our athletic abilities. Comparatively, Gawaine le Cœur-Hardy and I can both find similarities when it comes to laziness. He’s afraid of getting hurt, so he refuses to…show more content…
After slaying fifty dragons, this promise proves to be false as he finds out that he’s perfectly capable of slaying dragons without chanting “Rumplesnitz”. Soon, Gawaine reverts to his shiftless ways, locking himself in his room. Not even the constant pressure to resume the slaying of dragons from the Headmaster and the Assistant Professor could cure him of his cowardliness. Instead, he reverted back to his lazy self, which eventually resulted in him ending up in the stomach of the fifty-first dragon he encountered. My laziness doesn’t stem from the fear of being gobbled up by a dragon. My laziness stems from my grand ability to procrastinate. I have several tales of pushing tasks to the last, conclusive, definitive moment, the most popular being my several attempts at taking online classes. If it technically doesn't have a due date, then I won’t do it right away. With online classes, most of the assignments aren’t due until the class itself ends. Meaning that I will most likely not due the assignments until a week before the class ends. Whether it be German, Business Law, or Human Relations; It always ends the same way, staying up til 6 in the morning, turning in assignments by the pallet. Time and time again I tell myself that next

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