Personality Type ESTJ: What Does It Means To Me?

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There are many people, 10-12 percent worldwide, that have the personality type ESTJ. A lot of famous people, especially politicians have this personality type a few examples are: Lyndon B. Johnson, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Margaret Thatcher. The best career matches for an ESTJ is a marketer, business analyst, sales representative, and a politician. ESTJ stands for extraversion, sensing, thinking, and judgment. My goal is to explain how each letter pertains to me and my life every day. The letter E stands for extraversion, which in psychology means that someone is more sociable and open rather than closed off and shy. (Kendra Cherry, “What is Extraversion?”) In my personal life I think in certain ways I am more like this and in some ways I am more introverted. If I am in a crowd…show more content…
(Charles R. Martin, “Looking at Type: The Fundamentals”) For me I think I pay more attention to my own experiences more than my five senses. If I am in a situation I try to think if I have ever been in a situation similar and base my decision off of that more than seeing what’s around me. If I find myself in a situation that I have not been in before then I will use my five senses to help me figure out my surroundings and the actions i need to take to solve the situations. A time I used my five senses was last year when I became the cheer captain, I had been in that role before but it was much different this time since it was high school cheerleading not middle school when people did not have many attitudes. I used my senses by hearing what people had to say and seeing what was going on and what needed to be changed and after I took that all in I went about changing what needed fixed. From that situation I now use my previous knowledge and experience from last year to carry over into being the captain again this year instead of using my five senses

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