Personality Types Of ESTJ Personalities And Strengths

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I have an ESTJ personality type. My personality type has many strengths. I am a very dedicated worker, I don’t give up till it’s done. Plus I do it well and am a bit of a perfectionist. I am very strong willed in many aspects. An example I can say no to things I’m pressured into. I am very direct and honest and can be good . I am very reliable also. Partner asks can you do this yeah. Good one you work hard and persistently to get group stuff done. I’m an ESTJ and you may have seen all my strengths, but I also have weaknesses too. I am very stubborn and have troubles changing my mind even after I know I’m wrong. An example, four times thirteen equals forty-two says my teacher, me no-no-no it’s forty. I can be very judgmental and rude while

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