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Personalized service creates better value and customer perceived quality towards guest’s satisfaction and differentiates the hotel among competitors, so as to diminish competition and move towards hotel’s success. Customers have different values and different grounds, and they may even perceive the same service value in different form of services. The aim of the personalized service is to create customer value, for the reason to reinforce customer recognition to hotel service and hotel brand. Edvardsson (1996) emphasized that the concept of service should come with customer 's viewpoint. The more the service is highly personalized, customers getting the more in their favor as well as to cater to customer’s preference. Once the hotel catches…show more content…
Customer is always changes on their personal preference and also has a desire to catch up with current market trend. Thus, hotel is necessarily to update and proactively forecast the current tendency, ensures the ongoing improvement process is applied and has an aim to increase customer satisfaction. These improvement processes is including both internal and external components, internal means employee training which I will discuss later and external is customer satisfaction. Hotel manager can make further improvement on service regarding to customer feedback, which directly reflected customer’s satisfaction and experience. Customer cares much about the position that the hotel places them into, therefore, to show customer that the hotel is willingly and readily to make improvement for them can increase customer satisfaction and maintain better relationship with customer as well as their loyalty. Anderson and Srinivasan (2003) stated that the company that without maintaining customer loyalty may experience a failure on the business. This means, customer loyalty should be consider as a long term investment. Service providers should maintain a good relationship between the company and customer for the reason to foster a loyalty basis. The importance of creating…show more content…
The interaction between employee and customer is related to the communication and form of delivery. One of the examples is asking customer’s feedback after provided the service, which can effectively recall customer experience towards the service and hotel impression. The more interaction between employee and customer, the more information employee can get from them and reflects to the manager to create more strategies. However, the finding of Voss and other (1998, in Kolar, 2003) shows that “the number of research projects dealing with the satisfaction of customers with physical products by far outperforms the number of projects dealing with customer satisfaction with services”(as cited in Snoj, Mumel, Ogorelc, & Kovaci, 2012). Similarly, directly asking the feeling and opinion of the customer results effective outcome, that means to strengthen the impression to hotel service of customer. Coye (2004) also found that a service provider’s behavior at the point of delivery may influence consumer expectations toward the service offering (as cited in Mamat, Haron & Razak, 2014). Proactive action should be taken by employee such as approaching the customer or to provide relevant services without telling the needs by customer. Sometime the customer

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