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Personal Narrative Every kid or teenager has disobeyed their parents thinking that they were right and their parents were wrong. Instead of cleaning your room or doing homework you choose to play a video game or go outside. When I was in 5th grade I did the same, except the consequence wasn’t just getting yelled at. I ended up going to the hospital, at 8 p.m. When this accident happened, I was in 4th grade and living in California. I had a giant backyard with plenty of room to play in, a pond, and a huge playset. The playset consisted of a sandbox, a small treehouse, monkey bars, a slide, and my favorite; the swings. The swings were the best, and I and my younger brother had competitions on them, such as who could swing the fastest or who could jump off the swing the farthest. It was fun even though we always didn’t land on our feet. Because we sometimes landed on our knees or butts our mom told us to stop, as we could get injured. Despite our mother 's warnings I and my brother still did it.I never wanted to stop because I loved how the air felt on my skin when I continuously swung back and forth and when I jumped off. After a delicious dinner one night I decided that I wanted to go outside and swing. After a few minutes of begging and pleading to go outside my mom finally let me go outside with my brother. “Yes!” I said in triumph. “Come on Ethan, let’s go!” We both grabbed our coats and headed outside. We got on the swings and started pumping our legs to gain speed
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