Comparing The Tell-Tale Heart 'And Thank You Ma' Am

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"The Tell Tale Heart" is written by Edger Allan Poe, "The Scarlet Ibis" is written by James Hurst and "Thank You Ma 'am" is written by Langston Hughes and these short stories will be presented in this dissertation in order to understand the consequences of personation in regarding the presentation of the rest of the story 's factors which are storyteller opinion, incidents, concerns and collusion. In "The Tell Tale Heart", Edger 's story, personalities are explicit and virtuous through the junctures of the story. The opinion in this story came from the storyteller himself, so his opinion was highly impacted by his confused personality which made the outcome of his dementia explicit. Uncertainty prevails in this story. The scene impacted by…show more content…
Jones and Rogers, they were outstanding through the incidents and in every juncture they proved to be explicit. Individualistic opinion is presented by the writer, he is presenting his opinion in both personalities through his knowledge about their feelings and the incidents occurred. As for the junctures, the first juncture is when the writer presents Mrs. Jones as a big petulant lady when Roger tried to steal her pouch and Roger was presented as a little evil. However, when incidents altered, and both personalities started to talk, they reveal their origin feelings and character as Mrs. Jones became intimate and Roger became childish. The petulant personality is presented here: "The large woman simply turned around and kicked him right square in his blue-jeaned sitter." (Lines: 6-7) So she showed no mercy and, while the intimate personality is presented here: "You ought to be my son. I would teach you right from wrong. Least I can do right now is to wash your face. Are you hungry?" (Lines: 27-28) so she showed her care for the boy. And as for Roger, he presented in an emaciated personality and he started to act politely by giving no attention to the pouch nor the open door as he thought that their relation should be built on reliance and this is presented here: "And he didn 't want to be mistrusted now". (Lines: 76) So, the personalities are moving with the wind, and we noticed how the behavior of the lady with the boy affect the circumstances, it turned from doubt to trust. Tension circumstances occurred in the beginning by the act of Mrs. Jones and the boy, however through the incidents, personalities affects the incidents and the circumstances by showing their original feelings and attitude and the story ends up tenderly. The whole tale is down to earth as it presents the reactions of real persons. Alteration in the scene was perfect, as the acts of petulant took place in the street while the
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