Villeneuve's Use Of Personification In Fairy Tales

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Personification and love were not the only things Villeneuve used in her article, but she also included feministic traits on Beauty to show that she made her own conscious decision of staying with the Beast. Ashely Ross, writer for Time Magazine, writes that Villeneuve’s fairy tale is a strong written fairy tale that contains a strong lead female character that is very intelligent and is able to make her own choices (Ross). With Ross writing this, it is easy to realize how much feminism was inserted into this fairy tale. By Villeneuve having Beauty to be so intelligent and giving her the capability to make her own choices, she shows that Beauty is not the type of girl who could easily be told what to do, or even be fooled into doing something…show more content…
With Villeneuve having this in “Beauty and the Beast”, she tries to show that Beauty is capable of making her very own decisions. This comes in handy for when later in the story, Beauty decided to stay with the Beast in the castle, taking her father’s…show more content…
She used personification to give animals human traits to show that Beauty did not have it horrible while at the castle of the Beast. Instead Beauty had birds at her disposal that would sing for her when she wanted to, and she also had monkeys that would do anything for her, like getting her anything she needs like her curtains open or carrying anything that she needed, like the chest full of treasures for her family. Not only did Villeneuve use personified animals but she also used the different ways that love was used. She wrote that Beauty finally realized how much she loved the Beast after she spent some time away from him and she returned to him dying, as if she was homesick from him. When personification and love were not enough in Villeneuve’s writing, she added feministic traits to Beauty’s characteristics. Through Beauty’s choices and way of being, Villeneuve was able to show that Beauty lived her life as if she was equal to a male, something that was unfamiliar in that time. Being able to choose her own path, Beauty was able to choose on her own to stay with the Beast for the rest of her
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