Personification In Brenda Miller's The Date By Brenda Miller

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Betty Lenora states, “It’s not what’s going on but how we are looking at what is going on that matters”. In Brenda Miller’s essay, “The Date” she vividly depicts a single woman battling her conscious as she prepares for a date. Miller does this by featuring a self argument every paragraph. The arguments begin with her questioning herself and then furthering into dismembering each thought one by one. Miller also utilizes devices such as repetition, anecdotes, strong diction, and personification. In this essay, Miller exceedingly describes her process of getting ready for a dinner date with a man she likes. She speaks about the pictures on her refrigerator and how they originally served as a reminder to herself but how it truly exists for…show more content…
Around this part she manipulates the use of dialogue to show the strong influence her friend has on her emotions and her need for certainty of the date with the man she likes. We stop hearing anecdotes from the friend and comments when she calls her for more advice near the middle of story and she states to her what the reader was most likely thinking, “ Why are you asking me this I never made it past the third date!” This comment allows a sense of humour into the story. The usage of personification also flows throughout the essay evidently evoking more emotion and heightened sense in the reader. For example she states things such as, tulips “nudging”; or sheets “dancing” to call attention to these objects and ho they play a big purpose within the story. Towards the end Miller’s character anxiety begins to kick in on full effect and so does the reader it is as if we are feeling everything she is feeling. She uses this emotion to repeat her use of repetition of the saying “ A man I like is coming to dinner” I believe thi not only serves the purpose of the essay and emotion but also as a reminder to reader after all your reading its all for sole purpose that “ a man she likes is coming to
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