Personification In Shel Silverstein's In The Giving Tree

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Have you ever gave someone so many things and they always ask for more? You always keep giving and giving until you have nothing to give, all you want to do is make that person happy and they stop asking. All you want is the person to like you and be happy, but you are running out of things to keep yourself happy.In the Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein uses personification to show the relationship between the two characters.
Always giving so much to someone is not always the best thing to do.Soon enough the tree gave the boy everything and then the tree had nothing left for itself. The tree just kept giving the boy everything so the boy was happy, when the boy was happy the tree was happy also. When the tree kept giving and giving and then the boy just kept. At the end of it all the tree had nothing to give. All the tree wanted is the boy to be happy and the tree just kept giving, the tree was very attached to the boy so all she wanted was the boy to be happy.¨I want money” said the boy, the tree said Take my apples, Boy, and sell them in the city. Then you will have money and you will be happy." All the tree did was give and give, soon the tree had nothing to give the boy. The tree ran out and all the boy wanted was the last thing the
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This is shown by the boy kept asking and the tree kept giving. It always said, “and the tree was happy” it is showing how the tree has feelings and emotions.This book shows how the boy just kept asking and asking and the tree kept giving until it had nothing left to give, the boy was being very selfish and the tree was not.This topic goes way beyond this book, this happens all the time in the real world, people keep asking and asking, someone just keeps giving and giving until he/she has nothing left. People in today's world take advantage of people very easily. Lots of people fall for it, make sure you do not fall for
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