Personification In The Black Cat

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ad Luck Of The Black Cat Have you ever listened to that little voice inside yourself that is telling you to go down the path of no return? In “The Black Cat” the narrator is sentenced to death, however before he is executed he explains the reasons how he was caught. Edgar Allan Poe uses symbolism, irony, and personification to blame the little voice inside his head for the poor choices he knowingly made. This glimpse inside his head will help us to understand the narrator’s thoughts about what he perceives as real and and what is not . He uses symbolism for his relationship with his wife and cat, irony when he finally gets caught by police and personification when he describes his cat as a beast that is trying to get him..him to be abusive to his animal and ultimately lead him to kill his own wife. The Substance abuse causes Poe’s relationship with his wife and cat to deteriorate and his mind to go wild. Symbolism is the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities. Edgar Allan Poe uses symbolism to convey the narrator's struggle with alcohol. He compares the alcohol and his cats relationship and how they both began as healthy relationships, however over time he began to abuse alcohol which lead to the abuse and obsession with his cat that eventually lead to both the narrators and the cats death. This can be seen…show more content…
In “The Black Cat”, it is use to emphasizes Edgar Allan Poe's internal struggle. He names his cat “Pluto- this was the cat’s name -was my favorite pet and playmate.” The name Pluto refers to the greek god of the underworld (Hell), again Poe gives his second cat human traits. He additionally personifies his cat stating, “mainly I was prevented let me confess that once-by my deep dread of the beast.”, in reference to his inner struggle, Poe calls the cat a beast (half human half animal). By giving human traits that are not human he trs to justify the poor choices he has
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