Personification In The Giving Tree

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How would you feel if a boy came and took everything you owned, and still didn’t thank you or show any gratitude towards you. This boy in the story The Giving Tree ruthfully takes everything the tree owned and always asked for more. more. more. He is so ungrateful and need to be taught a lesson.The boy is acting this way, because he has no one to show him the way to act. He doesn’t have anyone to teach him right and wrong.In The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein uses Personification and Imagery to use the tree as a kind friend the boy never had. This showed the boy independence that he really needed.The boy doesn’t respect the tree like the tree cares for the boy back. The tree sacrifices literally every single thing the tree owns so this boy…show more content…
The tree just wants the boy to be happy, and the tree was not able to grant the boy happiness. The only time the tree was happy was when she saw the boy happy.It says in The Giving Tree that once the boy played on the tree, he would sleep in her shade. “And the boy loved the tree… Very much… And the tree was happy.” This clearly shows the tree’s affection for the boy.Overall, the boy takes everything from the tree, and the tree is still loving him back.In The Giving Tree, it never talked about the boy’s upbringing and his family, but he was always asking for things.All we know about the boy’s life is when he was young he would come to the tree everyday and play on it. As the boy grew older he came less and less and asked for more and more. “I don’t need very much now”, said the boy.” “just a quiet place to sit and rest.” The boy doesn’t need anything because he has taken it all from the tree.He never learned his lesson and in the end still asked for things.In the end the boy was still unsatisfied and didn’t appreciate the tree.In the end, The tree was used as a nice and kind friend the boy never
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