Personification In The Veldt

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In The Veldt created by the one and only Ray Bradbury, he uses multiple examples of author’s craft such as personification and tone or mood. These crafts were written into the story to help prove and point out the theme of influencing children with so much technology early on can not only stir up violent thoughts but, can also cause breaks between friend and family relationships. The first author’s craft that can prove this theme to be true is personification. One example is, “the walls began to purr and recede.” Although walls can not do this, Ray Bradbury uses it in his story to show how much technology the family living in the Happy Home have given to their children. They first created a nursery that is all technology and can only work with the children’s imagination. This then starts to cause brain damage to them when they use it for the wrong purposes in the nursery. His next personification example written into the story is, “the house is wife and mother now, and nursemaid.” This example paints a picture of how much technology is in the entire house not just the nursery. None of the members of the family do anything for themselves. The house does everything from cooking their meals to washing them in the bath or tucking them into bed. This causes the kids to hate their parents when they try to punish the children with taking away some of their technology and stirs up violent thoughts where they express it to the nursery walls. In their imagination, the walls turn into
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