Personification In Twelfth Night

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Using the exploration of the theme of hatred, Shakespeare reveals Orsino 's conflicted emotions through symbolism. Throughout this point in the play, he is presented to feel a sense of betrayal because he is embarressed by Olivia 's lack of internest in him. Previously being characterised as self rightous and obsessed, this embarresment is magnified. A tone of frustration is crafted through Orsino 's pitiful complaint claiming his soul "breathed out" faithfull offerings Olivia did not accept. The use of personification here exaggerates Orsino 's devotion to Olivia which she apparently doesn 't appreciate. He implies his existence expelled a constant love for her that came out with ease due to its surplus, however, Olivia failed to be grateful for such. This idea is further exemplified by his repetitive rhetorical questions reflecting his disbelief. The start of the scene is structured in a stichomythia format which indicates the build up of Orsino 's loss of patience. Shakespeare encorporates this to build momentum as Orsino 's emotions toward Olivia transition into resentment.…show more content…
Orsino hates Olivia but also the way she makes him feel. This is displayed through his aggressive description of Olivia being "marble breasted." The noun "marble" symbolises Orsino 's conflicted emotions because he feels both lingering affection and resentment for Olivia. The metaphor indicates the fact Orsino feels he has been played with because marbles were a typical childrens toy of the eighteen hundreds. They are also, however, a range of beautifully coloured stones revealing the idea that Orsino feels both attracted to Olivia but hurt by her inconstance as she insults him now but was relitivley resectful previously in the play. This is ironic as Orsino is hurt by the inconstance of love that he claims every man provides to
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