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_ Psyc 322 assignment Case study Personology 6/8/2014 M.J RAMPHENE 23689056 Introduction The case study is based on a situation that is experienced by 16 years old. The main issue results in divorce which is then referred to the separation of two married couple from a marriage, many divorces leaves influences in a child where in this case will leave effects on gorge. Parents should have included him within the discussion of the divorce so that it can limit the feeling of guilt or feeling of him being the reason of the separation (Meyer, Moore &Viljoen, 2008). Within this assignment two persernological theories have been selected which is then applied towards the case study in a sight of better understanding , we look at how the theories explains specific situations, behaviors and reflection and then introduce application format towards the given situation and also in a link of today’s challenges that one may encounter. Issues within the case study provides an insight where divorce leads to him in staying with a single parent and the anxiety of both his parents’ remarriage well on the other hand his interaction with his step parents and extended siblings may result in basic anxiety towards his thoughts and feelings (Freud, 2003). The moving with his mother from one place to another resulted in lack of interaction with other children as he frequently changed schools and always being alone nor a fixed community whereby he belongs. Much so he has been

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