Persons With Disability Analysis

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According to UN convention of rights of PWDs article I "Persons with Disability are those who have long term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others." The systematic care of Persons with Disability became a center of attention in Pakistan when UNO observed International Year of Disabled Persons in 198 1. The need was then felt for their education, rehabilitation and care, both by the government and the private sector. As a result of it a situational analyses were made in 2002 and the data were collected in 2004. On the basis of the findings a National Plan of Action (NPA) was developed in the year…show more content…
Governments have framed various policies for PWDs (Persons with Disability) including reservation of jobs, concession in travelling and special training institutions. Despite these efforts the sad fact is that most people with disabilities and their families remain completely un-served by the government and by NGO resources. In KPK the situation of PWDs is still the most neglected one due to ignorance, lack of awareness, poverty and superstitions. There is a dire need to analyze the existing situation and suggest measures for more practical steps and support is needed for the Special Persons. It is not sufficient that they are engaged in activities but that they are helped in such a manner as to adjust into the main stream of the society by learning skills and earning a living by fair means. Reddy, Ramar and Kusuma stated that educators of Special Persons have to prepare children for the world of work and adult living. It includes continued education and career opportunities so that they can achieve their maximum level of independence and productivity. General public cannot imagine the state of agony…show more content…
Hence the present study aims to find out as to what extent the Persons with Disability is benefitted by the eff01ts of the government and the private sector. In Pakistan the Social Welfare Department is responsible for all types of disabled persons for their education, skill training and rehabilitation. According to the report of Sharif Commission on National Education 1959-60, emphasis has been placed on making arrangements for the Special Persons. It stated that the educational Program of handicapped children should include a provision for general as well as vocational education so that the individual may be able to earn his own living and to live contentedly within the limits ofhis handicap ( 1959,p-253). National Plan of Action (NPA) 2006 has taken drastic steps for implementation of the policies regarding special persons by making different sectors of the government responsible for the perfonnance of the duties assigned to them. Areas of action will be the following

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