Perspective Change In Macklemore's Song 'Wing $'

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While the Lebron-12 Nike advertisement attempts to persuade the customer to purchase the shoe by using highly technical language, personifying the shoe and ethos, Macklemore's song “Wing$” attempts to express to the listener that your shoes do not define you by using personal stories, perspective change and pathos. In the advertisement the author uses highly technical language, for example words like ultra-responsive, hyperposite wings, nike zooms and megafuse technology help to make the reader feel like it is like no other shoe made. By adding on prefixes like ultra and hyper the shoe to sound better than any other and make the customer want it. Another way the author persuades the reader is by personifying the shoe. In the advertisement they say phrases like “cradles your midfoot”, “hugs…show more content…
“ And then my friend Carlos’ brother go murdered for his Fours, whoa.” By using this personal story and some of the diction is shows the first perspective change on the shoes he loved so much in the beginning but later realized is not worth it. Secondly, the author uses his perspective change through the song to make others perspectives change. In the beginning of the story Macklemore express that the shoes made him cool and fit in and that he needed the shoes to be himself but as the song progresses and the perspective changes he relize his shoes don't define him and that the shoes don't make him cool. Finally the last tactic used was pathos. In the chorus of the song kids are singing it which is pathos because the kids say “ I want to fly” and “I bought these dreams”. By having kids sing it and specifically sing those certain lyrics and shoes that because of the media now a days kid feel like they need to have the expensive shoes to be good and fit in. By using these tactics throughout the song it persuades you to agree with Macklemore's opinion as he expresses his thoughts
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