Obstacles In Human Life

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Perspective of a human being
Obstacle is something which every human being faces in his or her life. Everybody has to face difficult time in his or her life, good or bad. The poet, Gilman, presents his views about life and difficulties that mount the same. Personifying the same the poet compares the happenings in life to the Prejudice that a human being faces. Similar to the ups and downs in a human life are the pathways on which a human walks. Sometimes the walks can be lonely and sometimes the walk can be with someone you have to tread with it’s just that how you deal with your obstacles. You know a human from the beginning of his birth has to face obstacles in his/her life First he learns to walk taught by his parents then he learns to speak
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There are many obstacles in her life like they had to maintain many traditions and maintain their homes and had to look after their families and also look up after their husbands and maintain their reputation. Earlier in twentieth century women were not treated very well infact they were treated as sex material their main aim was to bear child and had to look after their homes and had to maintain their homes. That was their obstacle and it was pretty atrocious I mean they didn’t had many rights, their were no equality among men and woman like they were not allowed to do much outside work as they had to maintain their families, they had no voting rights as they were not believed to be equal among men. They were also often beaten up by the male members of their family if they didn’t obey them and all in all they had many obstacles to face in the society as the society was basically male dominated. Even though they were being discriminated they were very strong and faced these obstacles. Its for a woman to understand what all obstacles she has faced in her lives but they are very brave and never show any sigh of expression on their face. Also you have heard that when time change people change after a while thinking towards woman also changed they were also competing with men in all fields whether it is science and technology or politics or entrepreneurship…show more content…
They face these obstacles by the support of their family and friends like for example I personally saw in my school there was a girl in my class who got blind in class four and wasted two years of her life hoping she would get better which was great obstacles faced by her and her family, even though her eyes were not cured she had this passion for studying so she again enrolled in my school and started to study again and there were lot obstacles faced by her and her family but still she came through as for she was talented and she never lost her faith and studied hardly and thus eliminating her one of her many obstacles. Well in my view also these people are special and we should not look at them with sympathy but treat them as a normal being and also help them in facing their obstacles. We should not socially exclude the disabled people. If Beethoven had given up earlier would we have been able to hear his ninth symphony, he also didn’t hear his ninth symphony as he was deaf but still he gave this world a beautiful piece of music, he
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