Persuasive Abortion

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Appearing in USA Today, an opinion article entitled “Choose Adoption, Not Abortion” describes the life changing events that caused Marie Pozo Christie, a doctor and a member of The Catholic Association Advisory Board, to completely change her perspective of abortion. Christie describes how she once scoffed and pitied “...the yokels and the wingnuts...” who battle harsh weather to protest abortion in the March for Life; however, she soon joined these pro-life marchers when she adopted her youngest daughter, Lourdes, from China. Because families in China can only have one child due to overpopulation, most families want a baby boy because they are the ones who can work and continue the family name. Due to these strict laws, girls are often deemed useless to the family and are given up for adoption. However, when Christie met her daughter, she fell in love with her and realized that every child has value, even if they are seen as worthless in the eyes of their biological parents. Because of this personal experience, Christie encourages people to explore the adoption route instead of resorting to abortion when a child is unwanted. In Christie’s article, she does not support “...the return of back alley butchers and the shaming of girls who got in a spot of trouble…” but instead gently and successfully persuades her pro-life audience that every life is valuable and that adoption is a better option by using strategies such as connotative language and appealing to the opposing

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