Persuasive Abortion

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Jacob batts 05/17/15 Persuasive essay It’s Our Choice Abortion is still a very controversial issue, but there are many reasons that I believe they should be provided legally and safely. Most importantly, you don’t always know another person 's point of view or their life circumstances. Some people don’t have money to take care of a kid so they don’t want it to be born into a horrible life. People say "well how would you know... you haven 't given the baby a chance?" Really! That argument is ludicrous because we all know that money makes the world go round. How is your kid supposed to survive without food, water, clothes, and without a warm home? Do you really want your child to be born into poverty? In some circumstances it is a child having a child. In other words, a young teenager who is pregnant and unable to take care of themselves let alone taking care of a baby. They haven’t had the chance to be a child themselves and now they have a child that is completely dependent on them. People also say that "you never know what 's gonna come in the future", but based on people 's actions their future will have consequences. These consequences may result in the loss of money, a family that won 't take care of the kid, and or stress which can encourage the use of harmful drugs. Sometimes when forced to keep a child that unwanted it can lead into the abuse of that child. Do we really want to force people to have unwanted children into this world, only to not want to live

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