Persuasive Advertising

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Advertising has become a vital part of the human culture. As a result, advertisers have learned several ways to harness basic human desire, in addition to learning how to alter human emotion enough to make their products and ideas fly off the shelves. This is a simplistic print-based ad with a bright green backdrop. It shows a smartphone being held in a person’s hand. The screen of the phone features an app known as “Pokémon GO.” The pictured Pokémon, or animal, is an endangered giant panda. The ad read “Pokémon are real. Save ‘em all.” Lastly, down at the bottom right is the World Wildlife Fund logo. Pandoudou uses bright secondary colors, clever minimalist design, and sentimental pop culture to persuade young adults who play Pokémon GO to participate in wildlife conservation. The color scheme in an advertisement can induce all sort of feeling, and make the audience associate what they feel to whatever product is being sold. This ad takes that tactic and makes it theirs. This ad’s first feature that really sticks out is the bright-green color on the backdrop. The company is trying to get people to donate to their cause, a fund for endangered wildlife. “Color is a valuable messaging tool that cements a brand in consumers’ visual memories and can even elicit emotions or physical reactions,” (Sullivan 2008) “Color is basically the silent communicator that gives additional depth to the marketing message, more often than not, the first thing that captures customers’ eyes is
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